Play Heals

By entering a state of play your mind and body automatically align with health, vitality and well-being.

What does it mean to Play?

You find it joyful to deeply connect with others, and to collaborate and share yourself with people and the world.

You continue creating a healthy relationship with your body, and you continue to adventure and express yourself with it.

You feel whole enough to engage well in the outer world, and you take good care of yourself at the same time.


An authentic desire to give back to others can become, strong, soulful and omnipresent.

Your heart and body get to play.

You have learned to relish in the awards of your achievements before taking on the next task at hand, and you know there is even more goodness on the way.

You desire movement, you desire connection with nature. You have trust in your body and you are enjoying life.

Retreats & Workshops


Sky hosts a number of retreats in beautiful Jackson Hole and beyond every year. Retreats are fully-immersive experiences that make you feel good and teach you techniques for continued success.”

You will enjoy a well-crafted environment with intentionally designed experiences, activities and services to ignite healing, growth and play.

In these multi-day retreats you’ll meet people who have all come together with a shared purpose. You will build community, create inspired friendships and support each other to new heights.

You will learn the most modern science that will open your perspective on what is possible and you’ll understand how healing happens. Everyday you will also focus on practices and experiences that produce your desired changes in the mind and body.

As you learn and experience the science of personal empowerment, you’ll enjoy exercises in movement, music, play, dance, meditation, breath-work, adventure, vulnerability, nature, perceptual balancing, group-work, and personal reflective time.

You’ll learn how these parts of life affect the mind and body and how to optimize them for your success.

These workshops are effective and a ton of fun, and we look forward to healing, growing and playing with you!

Chat with Sky

“It all started with you Sky, so I thank you. I believe the AS Victors are just now beginning to take flight! I am really thankful for you Sky, I am in love with life!” 

- Jose' from Mexico

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