What people are saying.

“It all started with you Sky, so I thank you. I believe the AS Victors are just now beginning to take flight! I am really thankful for you Sky, I am in love with life!”

— José from Mexico

“Observing Sky reclaiming his life from disease was absolutely transformational for all of us who had the privilege to watch it. The ripple effect of his healing has been huge and we have watched him continue to grow and share his message with the world. Sky’s dedication and passion to helping people live healthier and happier lives is something we all admire. His morality, ethic, wisdom and the unique friendship that he offers people is unique, supportive and encouraging. He is easily approachable and when he shares his knowledge we are always eager to listen.”

— Lani F., Friend of the Family

“I had spoken with the other members of the AS Victor's Association and found it all very helpful. However speaking with Skyler really kickstarted this process for me!”

— Baruch from Israel

“Thanks so much for inviting me tonight. That was definitely the highlight of my day. Such awesome knowledge and wisdom around healing! I’m not sure when your headed to the yoga retreat but I’m off from work Friday if you desire any adventuring.”

— Client

“I just have to say, I’m really glad I met you. I really appreciate how present, intentional and kind you are. I hope we can continue to be friends when I go back to Florida.”

— Client

“What you do is priceless. You add so much value to people’s lives. No money in the world can really pay for how much you/ve been helping me.”

You are amazing

— Grazi